January 10, 2012

Steampunk Bookmark and Tutorial

I created this bookmark for the ATS Wednesday Stamp Release and ATS Challenge Blog - theme; Pink.
The digital image is Steampunk Dark Angel by the fantabulous Mitzi Sato-Wiuf.

This is the RIGHT side of the counter sample.  Paint the other side. :)

I started with a 5x21/2 inch counter sample. Paint the 'unfinished' side.
I painted it pink with DecoArt Misty Mauve, mixed with Golden Interference Orange (Fine). 
Cover with a layer of Plaid Mod Podge - Gloss finish.
I decoupaged scraps of 7gypsies paper, patterned cloth tape, other tissue paper, and a piece of rope.
Cover with layer of ModPodge
I added the coloured digi and also decoupaged it.  
Let dry
Adhere words and hardware with Mod Podge.
Dab word segments with pink and brown Hybrid inks (like Palette) - because I felt the white background was too stark.
Finally, I attached a piece of jewellery/hardware that was attached to one of my daughter's old tops.

     Daughter: "Mom, this top can be donated"
     Me: " Heck no! First let me rip that skull and crossbones off that top!"
     Daughter: 'MOM! What are you doing???!!!
     Me: "I'm sure I'll be able to find SOMEWHERE to use it".
End Scene. :)

It makes a great tassel/end for the bookmark and can be detached.

Here is where you can find the digi stamp: Addicted to Stamps
For the Challenge Blog: Scrapbook Stamp Society Challenge Blog

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  1. really cute.. I liked that image when I first saw it. Great idea.

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