December 14, 2013

DecoArt's Helping Artist Program

I have been using DecoArt products for years  and jumped at the chance to be a part of this wonderful program.

I received my first shipment and it was oozing (well not literally because that would have been very messy) with paints and glass markers. The colours look totally delicious and I can't wait to use all of them.

The paints are from the Americana collection  - good for all purpose painting and crafting.
The glass markers also work on tile and glazed ceramics.
They come with a fine tip and are glossy and translucent.


I grabbed some glass trivets because I was overly-anxious and impatient to test out these babies and so I grabbed the first thing I found in my glass inventory.

These are 'test plates' as you will see there is not much rhyme or reason to the design. I painted on the top and bottom. I used the Americans acrylics for a base coat on  the one trivet and love the effect. It helps me create a glass canvas.

On the other trivet I used Ann Butler faux quilting stamps and they took the paint beautifully.
I blobbed, dotted, drew and coloured in with the markers and I love the results.

This was all just a preliminary attack and not an actual 'sit-down blogging' session.
So please stay tuned for many wonderful adventures with DecoArt products!


Disclaimer:  I received product free of charge through the Helping Artists Program and I am not paid by DecoArts. My blog posts are authentic and the opinions are my own. Thank you.

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