December 19, 2013

LinkedIn: Great Conversations!

My favourite conversation this Fall is/was:

Creative Question! This one will make you think back. What effect did your childhood have on your creativity as an adult? What are your earliest memories of your creative expression?

This was posed by: Liz Heggy
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...and I would like to share my response:

Wow! My upbringing had everything to do with my creativity. My mother loved the arts: opera, ballet, symphony and painting. When my parents finished our basement, I didn't get a playroom- I got a CRAFT room! My mother was frequently giving me the latest art trends to try: mosaics, crushed stones and glue, DIP-IT! (OMG - I loved that stuff), paint-by-numbers, clay pieces to finish...
She was always creating. I never saw her without something in her hands whether it was a paintbrush, knitting needle, crochet hook, embroidery,... and there was always music.
I didn't realize or appreciate it at the time how much her influence infused in me the love of craft I have today.
Great question, by the way. Thank you for helping me recall so much happiness :)

So, what was your earliest memory of creative expression?

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