December 24, 2013

Ice Storm Crafts - Glass Painting in the Dark!

It's all the rage, don't ya know?!

What's a crafty-type supposed to do when there is no power, she has already decoupaged enough pieces by candlelight, cannot pour resin because it's too cold, can't blog, or tweet....

She grabs her delicious stash of DecoArt glass markers and a glass trivet (or 2). straps a laptop light onto her sweatshirt, and starts to paint!

Picture taken from behind where I was sitting, looking down at my chest (can't help it) and little light source.
with a flash - what a difference!

And here is what it looked like in Richmond Hill:

 This is the house we lived in for 18 years. Terrible damage to the beautiful maple trees.

Near our old house; power lines down

Absolute power is absolutely good! 

when it pertains to getting back on the grid! ~Roberta


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, it was, Ava. Luckily the house we're in now is much newer and the trees are still growing.


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