December 20, 2013

Letters from my Past - New weekly feature

We accumulate stuff over the years. Downsizing our home forced me to get rid of a LOT of things, but there are certain items that have remained with me through each and every move, spanning almost 45 years; letters from my childhood.

My mother saved every letter I wrote home from camp (6 years worth), every letter I wrote from Europe (2 summers) and all the letters she and my father wrote to me during a time span of 13 years. I have wonderful letters from my girlfriends and some real doozies from boyfriends ( but I don't think I'll EVER publish those!) :)

I hope I can convey to you how vitally important these letters are; they are my only link to my past. 

I have no siblings and my parents have died ( My father in 1996 and my mother in 2000). Through terribly tumultuous and emotionally devastating life events (including the death of my first husband when I was 34), I have 'memory black holes' --- YEARS- worth of lost memories and these letters are the key to my past and my memories!

My mother was a very wise woman and she was always my 'go-to girl' when it came to anything pertaining to etiquette, information, experience or opinion. If she were still alive I am SURE she would have her own blog with the handle and hashtag, WWBD, or 'What Would Bubbie Do'.  (Bubbie is yiddish for grandmother).

Witty, funny and poignant, I am really looking forward to sharing these precious snippets from my life.

So in no particular order,  may I present my first excerpt of Letters from my Past:

July 25, 1974
Dear Roberta,
Got your letter today. Sorry about the rain.  The forests need it, even if you don't.  ...Love, Mommy


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