March 13, 2014

Crop & Create Weekend - Part III

My 3rd workshop at Scrapbook and Cards Today's Crop & Create Weekend 

Spellbinders Vintag journal and pendant

-- with SPELLBINDERS!!!    

First, I have a confession:

I have resisted Spellbinders for years now because I don't have the patience to pop out each and every little section from their more intricate plates. Also, those are not the kind of cards I make (too perfect and frilly) - but WAIT - let me qualify that: I don't like to make those types of cards but I LOVE receiving them!

Anyway, after discovering that I can make beautiful jewelry and create awesome mixed media pieces I felt myself falling in love...

  Spellbinders Vintag   pendant
Talk about an awesome time! I was exceptionally excited about taking the 'Media Mixage' course and it did not disappoint. I built up the layers inside this gorgeous bezel, sanded the metal to reveal hints of beautiful roses and coppers and then sealed it with the clear top that was included with the bezel.

Roberta Spellbinders Vintag    pendant
I'm such a hard worker! :)

Roberta Spellbinders Vintag  dies
2 of the texture plates we used AND GOT TO KEEP!

Roberta Spellbinders Vintag  dies

Roberta Spellbinders Vintag journal
I loved making this altered journal. After creating the 2 large base plates and thinner horizontal one, they were distressed and/or painted with white acrylic.

Roberta Spellbinders Vintag  dies
And 'Oh my goodness'! (conjure up memories of Shirley Temple here) we got to KEEP all of these dies, templates and leftover materials! We're talking BIG TIME HAUL! :)

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