October 30, 2014

Textured Clay Buttons

Playing around with Ann Butler's faux-quilting Unity stamps and Makins clay,

I decided to make buttons for these lovely fabric flowers I made last week. 

To make the dark button I rolled a small ball of brown clay, about the circumference of a nickel, and pressed my stamp gently into the ball to create a convex (puffed out) button. While it was still moist I brushed on Ann Butler's Earth Safe Finishes Iridescents and it took on this beautiful new colour.

makins clay ann butler buttons
I added Deco Art Glass medium to the top of this button after it dried.
 It's such a great way to use the clay. Remember that there is always shrinkage, so I left the buttons alone for several days.  I used the pokey-tool to make my holes and you should do this before the clay dries.
Let your clay dry on a non-stick surface.

makins clay ann butler buttons
I totally LOVE this button. It looks like a real button!

makins clay ann butler buttons
I also made a pretty pendant. Ann Butler's Faux Quilting stamps make the most wonderful impression and texture!

makins clay ann butler buttons
A bale attaches very easily, and voila, you have a pendant!


 Thank you for stopping by

P.S. I SEWED those fabric flowers! Yes! Me! :) 

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