November 01, 2014

Cool2Cast Book Review

How Exciting! Tiffany Windsor's new book that is all about Cool2Cast is now available for purchase on Amazon !

Cool2Cast book review

I was given an advance copy and have the pleasure to review it in it's entirety. It is an extra special task because this book represents 

*my very first published project!

What I love about the ebook is that you can click on any of the projects and it will take you directly to the designer's tutorial.

I started using Cool2Cast many years ago and it is wonderful to see how it has evolved. 
Having been already familiar with Cool2Cast I think it gave me a good perspective on how well Tiffany conveyed her concept and explained how to use it, how to incorporate many techniques, and showed so many wonderful ways it can be used through an extensive project and photo gallery.  

Cool2Cast book review

Cool2Cast book review

Cool2Cast is a casting medium that is very easy to use. Amongst other benefits;

  • it air dries quickly   

  • receives inks, especially alcohol inks, absolutely beautifully 

  • no release medium is required when working with pliable molds

TIPSTips are always SO important and very much appreciated. My favourite 'Tiffany Tip' is:

Always keep some of your favourite molds handy to use when you have a small amount of mixture left over. 

Cool2Cast: Tips, Techniques and Ideas by Tiffany Windsor is a complete manual for creating beautiful and unique items. The photos are bright and colourful and the instructions are extremely easy to follow.

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