September 10, 2010

I hit the MOTHERLOAD!!!

My son is in the PR world and frequently showers me with incredible, sometimes delicious, sometimes unbelievable, SWAG.(Freebies handed out at 'openings', premieres, events, etc)
Now a lot of things can get me excited, but to a paper crafter, the thing that gets me ooooh so happy is really beautiful, cool, or different PAPER!

A new luxury hotel and residences is opening in Toronto and to showcase all it has to offer, including model and floor plans, they put together a MOST impressive book.

It measures 14"x11" and the front cover is a rich, deep, black reverse-embossed piece of, what feels like, suede card stock. 

I'm afraid the pics won't show up that well, but it's so amazing I just had to try to show you.

Very thick and glossy card stock.  The colours are sensational.

Glossy and hot!
It looks blue, but it is black. The embossing is beautiful and the card stock feels like suede.  I think it is because it is very sensitive to body oils.  I think it would make a beautiful front cover for a paper bag book.
Glossy, thick and I can't wait to run it through my Cricut, SCAL, and perhaps using a SVGCuts file!
Collage? Multiple cut-outs? So exciting!
Diamond and jewel-encrusted skull for your viewing pleasure:)
The letters are suede!!!
Marbleizing in gold, silver and black
And this is all for a catalogue with floor plans??? Love it!!!

I would love to hear your comments!

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