October 15, 2010

Andrea Currie-inspired project "The Butterfly Mask"

Craftastic was Masktastic this week.  Andrea showed us how to make a candy corn mask and also a butterfly mask.  When we participate in these live broadcasts most watch and chat, but I like to try to follow along if at all possible. 
Andrea made a template available to us and that made things much easier.

I printed the template and placed it over a sheet of flimsy foam and using my trusty Martha Stewart craft knife (which moves likes a symphony in my hand), I traced/cut out the shape.

I applied layers of puple and orange and glitter acrylic paints.  Then some gold foam paint for 3-D effects and sprinkled white and green glitter over the semi-dry paint.
Finished with crystals and 2 pipe cleaners twisted for antennae.

presto pretty mask
Foam is an excellent base.  It's easy to paint, soft on the face and very lightweight.


  1. Robi rocks! I love your mask. I hate that I didn't see this until now! Post on the FB wall will ya? hehehehe.


It's nice to get feedback.

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