October 05, 2010

Autumn Door Hanger

This is a very organic hanger.  I used a real leaf, a leaf rubbing, wire, cardboard,ribbon, tissue paper, paint, ink, and my favourite new ingredient: medical self-adhesive fabric

I cannot stress enough how much I love texture! Anything that gives depth and character to something, or even someone, just seems to breathe life into it.

I be-leaf. Do you be-leaf?

I like the tie-dyed effect of the paints on the self-adhesive fabric.  I let those results dictate the direction I was going with the project.
This leaf fell into my hand, complaining that it felt naked. "Nothing a little glitter glue can't fix!", I sweetly replied.
The pattern in the stamping around the perimeter of the card stock (invitation) was achieved by dabbing Walnut ink with a paper towel.
I made it with/without the celadon green pearl brads. The centre leaf piece was achieved by creating a 'nest' of wire in which to house the leaf stems and then I used clear glue for adhesion.
Like I said, it's a motley crew of participants, but they played very well together:)

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