October 18, 2010

Matisse hung upside down??

 Le Bateau is a paper-cut from 1953 by Henri Matisse
The picture is composed from pieces of paper cut out of sheets painted with gouache, and was created during the last years of Matisse's life.           Le Bateau caused a minor stir when the Museum of Modern Art, which housed it, hung the print upside-down for 46 days in 1961 until Genevieve Habert, a stockbroker, noticed the mistake and notified a guard. Habert later informed the New York Times who in turn notified Monroe Wheeler, the Museum's art director. As a result, the artwork was rehung properly.[1]

The museum currently houses the piece in the "Final Works of Henri Matisse" exhibition.     

Pretty fascinating, hunh?  Thanks to MOMA for tweeting about this factoid.  Follow MOMA on twitter 

ArtistHenri Matisse
Dimensions13.84 cm × 10.33 cm (5.4 in × 4.1 in)
LocationNew YorkMuseum of Modern Art

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