December 08, 2010

Stickles and Stones may break some bones.............

Once again, I must thank Tiffany Windsor who inspired this project.  Thanks Tiffany!
You can also buy the Sakura 3D Lacquer from her shop!

My new best friend comes in many colours. Stickles are my 'buddy du jour' and I kept the bottles out all day.  You won't believe what I did with it.

First of all I used them to help decorate some stones. Just about everything went into decorating those stones: nail polish,3D Lacquer, Stickles, Decocolor Markers, Telephone Wire, silver wire and Adirondack Copper Fixative.

There are about 4 layers applied to this piece.  I started with writing with the Decocolor Markers - which are fabulous and dry very quickly, 
Next, a layer of Sakura's 3D Lacquer. Once dry, some more markers.and another layer of lacquer. Then I applied little, cut pieces of coloured telephone wire, Stickles, and followed with another layer of lacquer.
The 3D affect is beautiful.  Once curred, I will either silver wire wrap it for a pendant, or attach it to a piece of metal and create an embellishment to top off a wood gift box I'm working on.
The glass stones in their native habitat
My pretty Stickles
Several decorated stones

Why am I showing a ring???  Because Stickles came to the rescue!

Stickles to the rescue!  I love this ring that we bought on a cruise. 3 of the side facets of flat opals fell out, leaving ugly black spaces where they once shone. It's a beautiful tanzanite and diamond ring, but was unwearable with the missing pieces.
While working with my beloved Stickles I discovered that the green and aqua Stickles closely resembled the colours of the missing opals. It's a little more shiny than the actual opal, so I am going to add a thin layer of matte 'gloss'.  I am very happy with the results and that I can wear my ring again!

To be honest, I know my mom, if she were here, would plutz if she saw that I added glitter glue to that ring! :)

Happy Crafting!

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