January 11, 2011

Did I ever tell you about our Wedding Day???

12 Years - Happy Anniversary Honey 
1999 January 10 -  An absolutely awful snow storm the night before, and another one coming in later today.  I have an awful cold, the venue's heat is not working in the bridal suite; I am shaking and shivering and wearing a strapless gown with a little caplet.  Sid tries running the hot water in the shower in there, to no avail -- it's cold.  The rabbi is late; very late, and we don't know where he is. 1 hour after the ceremony was to begin we hear from his wife, "The Rabbi is shoveling! He's shoveling the end of the driveway to get out because the plow blocked us in!"  --  oy
I prefer to use my printer when possible. My handwriting isn't what it used to be
One and one half hours late, and with very understanding 'loved ones', our marriage took place!  By the time Sid and I got to the Hotel (after dropping my kids off at home) I was so sick all I wanted was to crawl under the covers, However; we were given a gorgeous suite, a corner suite and with the wind howling --- it was $%@&ing freezing! 
But I digress :)..
Here is this year's anniversary card for my husband, Sid:
(made with much love, ink and paper)

I used 55 pound watercolour paper, border embossed,  as my stock. I used the 'plastic shmoosh' paint technique as a background. I used Ancient Page inks in Neptune, Coal Black, and Leaf Green.  I LOVE these inks!
I double-matted the centre card, using my favourite Fiskars scissors- Deckle. The gold embellishment is  Magenta Style.
Finally, a lovely purple and white polka-dot ribbon which I 'accordioned'  and paper flower to finish the look.To make the flower, I layered 3 paper flowers, stamped them with ink, and used a pretty vintage button for the centre.

Our Honeymoon -- Sans Souci, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

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  1. Hi Robi thank you so much for sharing this you are such a special person an friend. I am so happy you have found your man. I know that feeling. When it comes to awesome hubby's you and sure have them

    Happy Anniversary to you an Sid

    Love and Prayers and hugs BevinFL

    Yes I am still awake


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