April 21, 2011

SCAL - Sure Cuts a Lot! - Did you know about Version 3?

Many of you have heard me sing the praises of Sure Cuts a Lot, for quite a while now.  This is a groundbreaking program and has saved me thousands of dollars - no exaggeration!  With the huge supply of FREE digital images online, and the ability to design you OWN images, SCAL can completely eliminate your need for any cartridges.
I must confess: I own only ONE Cricut cartridge -- the one that came with the machine.
Read up on SCAL, and if you've been debating about purchasing a copy ( you can immediately download a version, or you may order the actual DVD which will be mailed to you), why not now?
Breaking NEWS --- CraftEdge has SCAL version 3 available for anyone who uses any of the following machines:

  • Works with Craftwell eCraft
  • Works with Black Cat Cougar/Lynx
  • Works with BossKut Gazelle
  • Works with Silhouette SD
  • Works with USCutter
  • Works with Craft ROBO/Graphtec™ machines including Wishblade™ (Windows Only)
I am now an affiliate for CraftEdge!

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