June 05, 2011

Handmade Business Cards

Collage of various scraps of paper, tissue, cocktail napkins,and paper quilling.
Use Liquitex or  Mod Podge to apply the pieces.

During Friday June 3rd's webisode of 'Come to Chat' on the Creative EdVentures Network, Cyn Gagen showed how she wants to make her own business cards -- handmade, original and (hopefully) unforgettable. 
I couldn't agree more, and as a coincidence, we both have the same base cards to use; leaf-shaped paint chips from Home Depot.
Here are the firs two I ever made.  The are evolving and ideally I would like a nice way to 'print' my business info on the card or print out the info onto a pretty and/or clear label stamp; we'll see.
Painted with Alcohol ink base, a few scraps
of mulberry paper and tissue paper attached.
Paper quilling objects, old business card pieces.
For now I used free business cards I have received from Vista Print and MOO.  I just wanted to see how they look.
Maybe this will inspire you to try to make some of your own!!??
 This is what the paint chips look like when you get them from the store.

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  1. these are evolving and ideally I would like a nice.these are handmade,original and hopefully unforgettable.
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