February 10, 2012

HOW TO MAKE: beautiful 3D paper flowers

Making gorgeous paper flowers in a flash!
EK Success Brands has 2 excellent paper punches that not only make beautiful borders, but beautiful 3D Flowers! I only have this punch for now - the Carnation punch.

3D Flower punch - Carnation

One strip of the pattern.  I am using  K&Company papers.
Two strips, 12" long each

I suggest you use double sided pattern paper

You will glue all along the bottom 'bar' of the strip.  You will then attach the second strip to it but make sure you stagger your starting point.  Your top piece will start at the halfway point of the first petal.  The top strip will 'cover' the spaces between the petals of the bottom strip.
Let the glue dry.

Slowly roll up the strip, holding it at the bottom.  I then place a dab of glue every couple of inches as I'm rolling the paper to give it added adhesion.

...rolling, rolling, rolling...

a complete bud - made with one strip

a flower made with 2 strips and a little mulberry paper rolled in for good measure

I added Stickles 

experiment with different centres - this one is from Maya Road

wrapped a wire up for the pistil

a pretty green spotted brad

I thought the 'scraps' from the punch looked really cool so instead of throwing them out, I made a topper for a card

This has to be my new favourite project!  
Thank you for stopping by,

**To view the video I made to demonstrate this project, please visit this blog post for the link to the replay of the show.


  1. Love love love these flowers. You did a great job demoing them. I went right out and bought that punch!

  2. Thank you very much Cyn. Enjoy the punches!


It's nice to get feedback.

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