February 13, 2012

My First Class is Wednesday!

aka Promotion and Advertising Pays!
When I was at my store today I discovered that someone had signed up for my Spotted Canary School scrapbooking class ( scrapbooking 101)!!! Yay! 
she signed up after seeing my demo on Saturday! I hope there are more students, but I am thrilled to be able to start teaching! My manager is UBER supportive and wants me to be able to promote myself and develop a 'following'.
Most of you know I am a 'night owl' - so I have many classes scheduled for the evenings!
It is so important to have positive reinforcement and I am really grateful that my effort yielded such a positive result. I placed an 'email/newsletter'  sign up sheet on my table and there were 10 names on the list by the end of my demo. Over 40 people viewed the demo and I found I 'had' to give away many of the flowers I made! *smile. 

Oh, did I mention that we 'sold out' of the punches I demoed? Yes!!! 

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