May 09, 2012

Shopping for craft supplies Ontario-style

Part 1:
Travelling to Niagara Falls is fun, but shopping for craft supplies is funner(sic).
What's even more fun is crossing the border and going to stores like Hobby Lobby and Joann. I spent around $100 ALL on items I cannot buy at my local stores. I purchased a few things that I can buy here, but the cost was much cheaper.
Before I left on our trip I printed out my 40% off coupons (of course).
I am thrilled with my purchases and cannot wait to start crafting with them. I DID buy more paper and I could hear my girlfriend Cynthia's voice in my ear, yelling, "But you don't NEED any more paper! Do you know how much paper you have???!!!".
I ignored her voice.
One great example of why it's great to shop at HOME came when I was pricing out my beloved Beacon 3-in-1 glue and realized that Karen Ellis of The Art House Studio has the best price at $5 Canadian! Way to go Karen!
7 Gypsies, Bo Bunny, Graphic45 == all super cheap and talk about the VARIETY!

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