October 15, 2012

Colours - creating your own palette

One of my Spotted Canary students asked my advice on colours to wear for a lovely event she is attending. The theme is Vintage, and her dress is a deep, deep blue (like a midnight blue).
Here is the palette I created for her to hopefully help her accessorize her outfit.

I figured it would be easier to pull some colours together myself through COLOURLOVERS than to try and find examples in photos.

Creating palettes is helpful for so many applications; home decor, clothing, crafting, etc. 

Check out COLOURLOVERS if you haven't already. It's a great tool, a lot of fun, and a great source of inspiration.



  1. Midnight Blue - very romantic. Thank you for your quick response. Theme of pallet is beautiful like everything what you are doing for us.

    Yours truly,

    Student of class


It's nice to get feedback.

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