March 01, 2013

Roberta Recommends - COLOUR!

The series continues!
This week I am bringing you my favourite inks.

I did not publish last week.  My daughter had been in a car accident and I was pre-occupied.  All is fine now. :)


  1. I do hope your daughter is fine. Even minor car accidents leave long lasting side effects. I am so enjoying your favourite products and what you like about each. I love the Colorbox inks too however recently had to dump a bunch as the foam had actually begun to rot, even though the ink was still fine. (they are kept in little drawers and away from heat and light, etc. so I was not happy when I went to use them and found them unusable. I have had them for about 6-7 years. I also have others which are twenty years old and are still fine!
    Looking forward to your next instalment!

  2. Thank you Jennifer. Ewww on the rotting foam. yuck! Craft supplies can develop mold and have other issues if human hands touch it. Be on the look out for spores. I am guilty of using my hands (fingers) to apply certain paints, glues, finishes and did not realize that I am introducing germs into the mix each time. ( I just found that out, actually).
    I now think about my inks, paints, pots like they are makeup. Don't stick your finger in the foundation or eyeshadow and replace all makeup you use every 6 months.
    Thank you for your comments - I really appreciate them:)

  3. Glad to see your daughter is doing ok. Must have been scary for her and you. I enjoyed reading your recommendations! I love my distress inks (stains, and now paints), and the other products you listed. I have NOT tried the india pens, so I will be on the look out for them. They sound great! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yes Winnie - I am so grateful it was nothing more than whiplash. PITT pens by Faber-Castell are wonderful and I use them to write on some 'unconventional' surfaces.


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