January 29, 2014

Cre8time Is Here!

Cre8time Is Here!

 3 minutes left!

2014 has marked the beginning of Cre8time activities at the monthly crop I host at Michaels in Toronto, Canada. 

None of the attendees had heard about this wonderful movement started through the Craft and Hobby Association ( CHA).

Anxious? Nervous? Combative? Yes -- they were all that and more, BUT...

WHAT a difference 8 minutes made!

DecoArt Helping artist program
Find out how you may qualify for the Helping Artist Program

I am grateful to DecoArt for their support. I was able to supply the participants with a wonderful selection of beautiful Americana paints and decoupage medium!

DecoArt Helping artist program Paints
Couldn't do this project without paint or decoupage!

What did I do?

I provided each person with a baggie filled with various crafting objects; ribbon, stickers, chipboard, paper, bling, etc along with one beer coaster.

Beer coasters make marvelous canvases. They come in all shapes and sizes. I had 4" squares and circles.  I use them as 'mini canvases' or 'tiles' to create mixed media artwork.

The Instructions:
You have everything you need to create something wonderful. I will provide decoupage medium and paints. You have 8 minutes to create!

I did not offer any suggestions or guidance because I wanted them to be free to do whatever they wanted, without anyone else influencing them.

Several of the ladies were not too enthusiastic at the beginning, but when all was said and done, everyone had done a fantastic job.

Okay, I admit that I 'forced' one of my croppers to do it -- but I forced her 'with love' :).  Some people are so apprehensive about leaving their comfort zone and this 8 minute block of time can yield astonishing results.

I am very proud of everyone who participated and they want to do it again next month.

What is CRE8TIME?


CRE8TIME is a movement, a movement supported by a group of people who want to make a positive social change. As our lives become increasingly crowded with “responsibilities,” we tend to ignore ourselves and find it difficult to justify creative pursuits; they seem “selfish” and are often the first things we discard.  It’s time to reclaim our creativity! It is designed to help people recover eight hours a month and devote it to their particular craft, and to create a place for them to share their experiences – the joys, lessons, and results – with the creative community at large.

cre8time activity


CRE8TIME.org serves as the hub of the CRE8TIME social movement.  It is a community where “CRE8ERS” share their crafts, pledge their hours, get inspired, stay informed and learn how to reclaim eight hours a month.  The projects found on CRE8TIME.org show that crafting can be done in small increments of time and validate that crafting is true “quality time” and one of the best family activities.  CRE8TIME.org’s mission is to support, encourage and educate CRE8TORS in their personal crafting journey and to be the place for them to share, praise and be applauded by their peers.
CRE8TIME.org also provides you with the tools you need to get involved.   Rally your friends, family and community to rediscover their passions and reclaim their creativity.  Form a CRE8TIME team, host a CRE8TIME event and share your creative stories.   Our collective efforts will reintroduce the world to creativity and it starts with CRE8TIME.org.  We hope you’ll stick around.   Get inspired, encourage others to make more time for their creative endeavors and share something of your own.

 Happy Crafting!  

cre8time activity

cre8time activity

cre8time activity

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