September 07, 2009

Labour Day 2009

Yes, I do NOT know where Summer has gone, but it never really arrived, so what can I say?  The weather the past few days has been sublime --- I prefer around 21-22 celsius.

I'm puttering around, trying to think of new and exciting uses for my many tools and inventory.  At the moment I'm trying to find a cardstock that I really like; one that has just enough weight to it.  I still haven't started learning how to make my own paper, but that is on the agenda for this month.

I am also taking many tutorials on PaintShop Pro and Adobe Photoshop Elements.  I also use Inkscape (free download) which I am getting rather good at, but I'm always looking for better, more effective and efficient ways to create and produce the objects that I love.
HowCast and You Tube have been extremely helpful to me when I want to see how to do something.
Free Clip Art Gallery

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