August 30, 2010

Attention Ex-Gamblers! Chuck those chips and put in your Punches!

Poker and Punches don't Mix!!!
Re-purposing Items Part Deux (2)

So, after my 'sushi boat discovery'...  

I really wanted a carousel to store my pens and punches and scissors but couldn't justify the ridiculous costs.
Just ignore Dr. Oz....
The second discovery came when I was clearing out shelves to make room for more supplies and I found 2, heavy-duty, wood, poker chip carousels.  I saw all those lovely holes, the swivel and the handle, and I thought, "Hmmmm...".

Take out the stacks of chips and decks of cards, apply a pretty paper around the perimeter to 'seal' the openings, and voila!
if I take out all the chips.....".  Well, lo and behold it was perfect except for the side opening in each hole.  There are 10 slots.  No problem; get some nice paper ( I used extra drawer liner I picked up real cheap) and now it's perfect, AND it spins, AND it has a handle.  I found the second one and now I am very happy. :)

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