August 30, 2010

Worth Repeating -- when Sushi met Sally :)

Reorganizing my craft room (again) I remembered this post and it got me thinking about all the wonderful ideas we come up with when we're trying to be money-conscious, inventive and need to solve a problem.

 My first re-purposing of an item were these sushi containers.  We enjoyed our sushi before dinner, and as I started to rinse out the containers, I thought, "Hey! I have an idea!".  I am very pleased with myself :) 

I realized that my sushi container made the perfect storage container for my stamps.

They also come with a domed lid which still closes, even with the stamps inside. 
I'm very pleased with this discovery :)

It is staggered and allows me to easily see all my stamps.  I purchased several 'meals' and now have 3 boats-- perhaps I'll start my own fleet.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this adventure ---- 
"Poker and Punches don't Mix"....

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