October 21, 2010

Incroyable! (Incredible) Is it Art? Is it Furniture?

Jean Paul meets RocheBobois

I must preface this article with the the following statement:

I do not usually go nuts over furniture; especially very expensive furniture.   

I would also like to add that I usually find atelier Jean Paul Gautier's designs rather 'out there' and not suited to my personal taste.


The rochebobois PARIS les contemporains collection catalogue arrived today and from my first glance at the cover  I started swooning.

My immediate thought was that it was the most beautiful collection I had ever seen.  I stared at the multi-sectional 'mah-jong inspired' fabric and design.  I would never think one could pair so many different patterns, with shocks of colour thrown in, and create something so wonderful.

Remember, I haven't even opened the catalogue at this point. 

The entire catalogue is exquisite.  Of note;  the PAPPILLON sideboard on page 6, designed by Rene Bouchara , the MAY FLOWER chair on page 10, designed by Fabrice Berrux, and the Tangram  round sofa in leather on the back cover, designed by Gabriele Assmann and Alfred Kleene.

As beautiful as the fabrics are, special recognition must go to the brilliant designer
Hans Hopfer. He is a brilliant artist.

Quite the armoire
The armoire gets smaller
...and smaller ---- INCROYABLE!
These chairs look like so much fun but I keep thinking they're going to roll down the stairs!
Hello Dolly!
le boudoir - design and fabric  by Gaultier
Photography: Michel Gilbert

So, what do you think? How often do you think of clothing designers, furniture designers, florists, etc as artists?  
I do all the time. What could be better than to really live with art?

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