October 12, 2010

When Cyndi met Robi -- The London Chronicles

I drove Debsy back to Western today and this gave me the chance to meet - IN PERSON - the one and only Ms. Cyn Gagen!  

Of course, we 'met' on
Proud bee in the TheHIVE
Now, where would two Canadian girls rendezvous? At a Timmies, of course! We are convinced we were separated at birth because there are WAY too many coincidences between us -- even down to being born 3 days apart, both driving red Dodge vans, and we think we even look alike.  Patty Duke move over, I think Robi and Cyndi might have a new show!

Anyway, it was wonderful finally seeing each other and we gabbed away for a long time (even to the point that I had forgotten about picking up my son from a restaurant!) -- p.s.  Love you Phil:)

It also gave Cyn the chance to give me the wonderful prize I won during Andrea's birthday bash! 

Lookee here....

My prize! The scrap paper is double-sided and sooo scrumptiously lovely! The rest of the goodies was lovingly encased by a white shear gift bag.

Please note:   Plug for the Party Girls in lower left side of photo!!!!

....I scored this lovely bonnet! (What? It's not a bonnet?)

The yummy stash  included the notebook, cupcakes galore, ribbon, stamps & block, and a divinely fragrant candle.

Thank you Cynthia!

And if you want to win wonderful prizes like I did, please check out www.PajamaPartyLive.com 9 pm Eastern every Wednesday.

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