December 28, 2010

How I spent Christmas vacation

I've been doing a little of this,a  lot of nothing, a little of that...

I really needed to reorganize my craft room and this was an overwhelming task.  I'm still not finished, but I swore (my husband *strongly* suggested) I not craft another thing until it was done.

How to sort the reams upon reams of papers: colour?texture?theme? 
How to arrange markers, even glues...
How to arrange stickers! Oh my god; so many stickers! Vinyl, textured,felt,chipboard, rub ons, etc...

I really get peeved when I find 'the perfect' paper or embellishments AFTER I completed a project.

What about all those 'Ohhhhhh -- that page in the magazine is SO pretty pages', or the "Ohhhhh... those postcards or inserts or packing material would be wonderful in SOME project" items?

There are 3 cases of paper punches. 
One large bin of fancy scissors.
Embossing sheets

If I don't record everything I will forget I have it.  This is taking quite a while.
There's a box for Christmas, Valentines Day, Jewish Holidays, other holidays,...

Anyway, I still managed to find time to get over to Lowes and visit with Santa before he took off again.

WooHoo!  New paint chips that are LONG, and BIG, with little writing on them and very paper-like!!!  Thank you Lowes! (and Santa)

I have made a couple of books and cards -- sshhhh... don't tell my hubby.

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