April 18, 2011

Crabshell Butterflies are Free

By Robi Cohen
Some of you may remember my impromptu creation of a butterfly out of 2 crab shells, found on the beach just hours before our In The Zone episode April 4th.  Here is my Crabbyfly, which I named Bambi, in honour of my friend. (who is neither crabby nor flighty, just so you know).

The shells are naturally a cream colour with orangey-umber markings and are really quite beautiful.  
WARNING:They can be rather delicate, so handle with care, and the sharp points are REALLY sharp (2 band-aids died in the making of this creation).  Once you apply paint,ink, and glue it becomes stronger.

Ingredients Used:
2 crab shells
Ranger alcohol inks 
crystal embellishments
Tim Holtz watch parts
Tim Holtz pen nib

I attached all the parts with hot glue from the underside.  

So go ahead --- get crabby!!!


  1. Great project and who would have thought you could make butterflies from shells.....brilliant ! X


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