May 27, 2011

DEMO:Flip Pal and How the 'SEWING (stitch scans)FEATURE' works:

Tonight on 'ROBI@NITE' I demonstrated how I scanned a piece of stationary.  This, of course, applies to any photo, drawing, frame, etc larger than 4X6 inches.

It required 3 scans.  The fantastic software built into the memory card allows you to 'sew' or piece together many individual scans to make one large pictures.  The key is to make sure each scan overlaps the area of the previous scan.
For larger items requiring scanning, there is a correct direction or order in which you need to scan the item.  i.e. for an item 2 feet square, you need to scan horizontally , starting at the top left.
Here are the 3 individual scans:

And here is the final picture.

Several viewers requested I put the stationary online,  but after careful thought, realized this is copyrighted and therefore added the watermark before I posted them.  These pictures are for demonstration purposes only.

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