June 14, 2011

In the Zone ep. June 13, 2011 CUBISM

CUBISM The link for tonight's recording is HERE

The Art Journey continued tonight with Cubism - featuring Pablo Picasso.  I was joined by my special guest, Lisa Fulmer!
Cubism is really a study in time and space, and not about cubes! When you watch the playback you will find out all about this and discover some very interesting facts about cubism and Picasso. 
Lisa showed us how to take one of Picasso's famous paintings, and in this case she chose "Two Women Running on the Beach" 1922, and transfer it onto an object.  Lisa chose to transfer the image using TAP (transfer artist paper) placing it on a wooden box.  She chose the wooden box because Picasso originally painted this masterpiece on wood. It turned out beautifully and Lisa was able to share some very valuable tips with us.
I demonstrated how adaptable Picasso's shapes are and I tried to encourage everyone to draw these simple shapes.
Congratulations to our TWO winners for this evening: 
Penny and Sheryl
And thank you to Lisa Fulmer for her MORE than GENEROUS prize packages!!! 
Please Join Cyn Gagen and me NEXT Monday (June 20th) at 9 PM Eastern for Creative EdVentures In the Zone when we will celebrate:


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  1. Hi Roberta,I just love your marvelous creation of the "Keepsake Box"!!!It's quite the Roberta style!!!I liked your comment about the little girls face not being shown.Leaves a bit of mystery wouldn't you say? ~*~Sandra~*~


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