June 12, 2011

Serene Sunday

My daughter is still sleeping and I am trying not to disturb her...
I am sitting by the window of my hotel room, cup of coffee in hand,  gazing across the huge expanse of the Ottawa River at the majestic old buildings of my nation's capital. It is beautiful.  The rapids of one of the dams is in view along with the varigated colours of the giant rocks on top of which Ottawa stands. I have the advantage of being across the river from Ottawa, in Gatineau, Quebec. It's like visiting Niagara Falls where the 'good side' is the Canadian side because you can view the American side from there.
It's an overcast day, but that's great for taking photographs and I am looking forward to the sightseeing Deb and I will do on our return trip to Richmond Hill today. There is a beautiful old park across the street from our hotel I plan to visit before we leave town.  Sadly I didn't bring the cord for my camera to upload the pictures I have already taken so all photos will be posted later.
There are many artist communities around, and as luck would have it ( and yes I guess I didn't use up all my luck at the casino yesterday), there is an Artists Studios Tour in Pontiac, Quebec this weekend so we will be stopping there first.
It looks like the sun is trying to come out and it is burning off a lot of the misty haze we had earlier:) I guess this is a good time to wake my daughter, pack up, and move on.
Aurevoir mes amis!

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