May 16, 2012

Mixed Media Altered Canvas Class

Today I held another 'Altered Canvas Trio' class at Michaels and I loved every minute. My three students are friends and the most lovely ladies you could ever hope to meet. After a slightly trepidatious start they slowly eased into a comfortable rhythm and it really was wonderful watching the transformation. One of the ladies speaks very little English so translations were flying! What I loved about Sharon, visiting from Taiwan, is that even though she understood very little of my instructions and didn't seem to have much confidence, by the end of the class she had managed to create 3 beautiful canvases! The pride in her face was worth 'the price of admission' (if in fact I had paid admission :))

At the beginning, after painting the sides of their canvases, they grabbed MY samples to pose with.  I thought it was hilarious watching them each grab one at the same time.  I know that at the end of the class they were very happy to pose with THEIR creations.

Would you believe we had a break for crème brule and mango tea? Mavis even brought her blow torch! Mavis spoils me rotten and always brings the most fantastic baked goods when she takes my class.  To my surprise she actually brought crème brule pots for each of us, sprinkled the sugar on top and then torched it! Notice on the left is a lovely tea pot thermos. She also brought cutlery and cups for the tea! It really was decadent!

Bravo Ladies!


  1. I want to take this class!! I need a Canadian Vacation!!

  2. Yes you do, Robyn! Anytime --- just say the word!


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