May 16, 2012

I love Martha Stewart Crafts Clay!

After months of anticipation I finally got my hands on MS Crafter's Clay and I'll wrap up my findings in one word, 
Saturday is another Open House at Michaels and I will be demoing this clay! In preparation for the demo I got all the product I would need off the shelves, went to the classroom, and began to explore and play with the clay! ( Gee, I kind of like the ring to that!)

I was happy to see the beautiful fern and butterfly molds! I also needed a floral tool kit. I love the texture of the clay; it almost feels like unsticky marshmallow. Then I discovered how easy it was to mix and blend colours! I love that they include a colour mixing guide in all their kits and with the individual primary colours package; it's very helpful to those who are chromatically challenged!
The clay is very easy to manipulate and it practically falls out of the silicone molds. 
Something I was concerned about, before I used the clay, was 'how would it affect the skin on my hands'?  I have very sensitive skin and my hands are prone to eczema outbreaks so I was actually worried that after my long wait for the product to arrive, I may not be able to use it.
There was nothing to worry about! I am absolutely thrilled to report that not only did the clay not irritate my hands (not one bit), but it also didn't stain my hands.  Could it be hypo-allergenic? Wow - that really made me happy.
I had to leave my little creations at work to dry but you know I just HAD to buy a kit for myself! 
I purchased the Crafter's Clay Nature Starter Kit, and it's beautiful.

I found that the clay dried in about 13 hours ( but it does say to give it 24 hours in the kit).  I left it on my Tim Holtz craft mat, but discovered that the bottom couldn't dry if it was on it, so I flipped the shapes over to complete the drying process. I think this can be avoided by drying the pieces on a porous surface, eg. paper towel, sheet of paper; it will not stick. 
The consistency of the dried shape is rather spongy and similar to craft foam. It is strong, but very pliable. 
I really have to get back to my clay!

What am I going to make next???
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  1. Going to look for it. Sounds like it may be fun for faces.


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