July 27, 2012

How to make quick Ornaments -Festive Friday Blog Hop

I think these ornaments are beautiful and they are SO easy to do that I really wanted to share them with you in lieu of a Christmas card. I hope that's okay because it's what I got! :)

I love, love, LOVE this red glitter ball! The ruby-red glitter looks OH so luscious to me! You will need plain plastic ornaments (available at Michaels), some glitter, Glitter-It glue, and stickers.

The key to this whole project is the glue. It looks like water and it does an amazing job of evenly coating a surface. Always follow the directions on the packaging because sometimes it is suggested you thoroughly clean your object with vinegar and water and dry it before using the glue.


  1. take off ornament cap and pour a little Glitter-it Glue by Beacon Adhesives, into the ball. You won't need too much to coat the inside.
  2. turn the ball around and move the glue up and down the sides to fully coat it.
  3. pour the excess glue out onto a paper plate and as you are pouring it out, swirl it around the top of the ball. Make sure all the excess it poured out.
  4. Get Martha Stewart Red sparkle glitter and pour it into the ball. Move it around to evenly coat it, and then dump out the excess glitter.  Put the cap back on the ornament
  5. Decorate with pretty crystal stickers or other embellishments of your choice.
  6. Attach a pretty ribbon
  7. Say 'Ho Ho Ho' and you are done!

Big, White and fluffy Ornament

Like the red ornament, remove the cap and set aside.

Now, you have TWO options:  #1 - coat the interior as in the red ball but use white sparkle glitter, or #2 - just pour in 'snow' or even Flower Soft and it can be shaken around for amusement! 

I actually did BOTH for this ball. I used these adorable Christmas light stickers to decorate it and then attached a ribbon.

SEE? Easy and so pretty!

Thank you for hopping by and see you in August for our next Festive Friday Blog Hop!

Here is the line-up: 

Decorables and Roberta Teaches


  1. I bought some ornaments years ago and just have never taken the time to learn how to do this...thanks for the instructions!

  2. love it will be hard to mail that card. LOL... just kidden...

  3. Beautiful ornaments! Love them both!

  4. very interesting. thanks for sharing. lovely ornaments.

  5. LOVE the idea!!! I can see a whole tree of these in one color!!!!

  6. Love making those ornaments!


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