August 28, 2012

Cute Shoebox Gifts

My daughter is going into her third year at Western and she is a Don in residence.  She wanted to make a nice 'welcome gift' for her 2 Sophmores ( 2 students who work, for free, to help wrangle/entertain/ mentor the Frosh in her unit.)

I must also add that it is traditional for all 'Sophs' to have a nickname and ONLY go by that nickname during orientation and Frosh week.
And their 'names'?
Dribbles and Countdown 
These are the 'survival kits' I made for her.

Paper used: DCWV Tattered Time. The number squares are also part of that cardstack and I cut them out and mounted them separately to the paper I adhered to the box.  I used Beacon 3-in-1.

I used some single sheets of baby scrapbook paper, yellow Duck Tape, and some baby-themed die cuts ( like the bottle).  It doesn't show up but I have milk drops dribbling from the bottle.

On the inside of each box, on the bottom, I used letter stickers to say ' Thank You', so once they removed all the items they would see it.

Each box was filled with: 
- a bottle of energy drink
- a can of Red Bull
- pack of Kleenex
- Blistex
- mouthwash
- snack packs of popcorn and chips
- pack of Fisherman's Friend

I hope they like them!

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  2. What awesome gifts! I love how you customized each one to their nicknames. How fun (and creative!) Sounds like a fun adventure for your daughter too!


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