September 02, 2012

Organize your Craft Room Week

Let's use what we have/can find, and re-purpose every day items to help us.
Today's offering is a most fruitful one! I found that a 3-tiered hanging basket, commonly used in the kitchen for fruits and vegetables, makes for a wonderful organizer.

I know it looks like a disaster, but it's an amazing organizer.  I really like having my heat gun on the bottom tier where I can keep putting it back when it's hot because it is a heat-safe surface.
I know I have it on the top one and I'm not really sure why -- I must have just stuck it there temporarily.

 This is where I really love these baskets: I can use hooks and hang a lot of my embellishments so that I CAN SEE THEM. I also hang masks, stencils, findings, stickers...

I keep so many things 'at my fingertips' this way, expanding the 'prime real estate' of my surroundings. It is hanging from a beam in the ceiling ( one of the advantages of NOT having a finished ceiling in your basement). It is secure and can hold a fair bit of weight.

Tomorrow: Things Get Spicy!!!


  1. What a great idea! Love the idea of using it for the heat gun! Love that it frees up space!


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