February 07, 2013

Roberta Recommends - Adhesives Part 2

Adhesives Part 2  

We are still talking about adhesives! I love my adhesives and could devote chapters to the very topic, but this compilation is not meant to be an exhaustive analysis of all crafting tools; just the ones I use and highly recommend.

What's coming up next?
Some tools I cannot craft without.



  1. I am glad to see I am not the only one who finds the Pink ATG large etc. I hardly use it, for my cards it is good to put down large pieces but not small die cuts etc. Becomes cumbersome. I will look for Beacon's glitter it. I have the other one on my list from the last time. Fun posts!

  2. Hi Winnie. Thank you for your comment. Yes, I have jumped off the ATG bandwagon. Glitter-It is fantastic because it perfectly coats the surface you want to glitter, flock, whatever...


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