November 29, 2013

CHA Designers, Educators and Creative Professionals Retreat 2013

Incredible weekend had by all...

and that's the truth. I have been debating for the past few years about joining the CHA - Craft and Hobby Association - and I am happy I finally did. When I found out about the wonderful opportunity for a Canadian CHA DECP members' retreat I KNEW I had to be there. I looked at the itinerary:

and I thought " This will be a fantastic opportunity to learn and network and play!"
A friend asked me, upon my return,   
"What was your 'take-away' from this event?"

And here is my answer:


"What sets this retreat apart is that it is 'the coming together of many individuals from many diverse disciplines and industries. THAT is what was great; I wasn't 'just with scrapbookers' or 'just with crafters'. Everyone, at some point, had to push beyond their comfort zone and the liberation of that was incredible."

THAT is what was so great! I felt enriched, nourished and infused with a new energy. You cannot help but feel empowered and fueled to tackle new and exciting things. When you are surrounded by so much diversity in the craft community; when you have suppliers, designers, crafters and artists together in one place ONLY amazing things can come from it.

I thrive on learning. This was the best decision I have made for myself this year: joining CHA and attending this retreat.

And now for the photos!


As seen at CHA DECP Retreat 2013

The Group!
...and Educators and Creative Professionals! :)

Marilynne Oskamp- Ecstasy Crafts Presenter

Resin workshop with Carmi Cimicata. Sponsored by ETI

DecoArt painting workshop - with Debbie Cotton

Coats & Clark - Fibre workshop with Leanne Schmidt
Love the 'Brother Blue'  nail polish we were given

Card created in Ecstasy Crafts workshop. Look at the wonderful dimension!


'Believe' designed and cut with the Scan N Cut. It cuts fabric beautifully!

Brother Scan N Cut

The amazing Powertex. It is a paint that acts like a glue. It stiffens materials. Brigitte lead a most wonderful workshop

the 'hair' is made from cheesecloth


...and more Swag!

Can you believe we did all this in less than 48 hours? 
I will be posting more articles as I complete the projects I started at the Retreat and feature each of the workshops and sponsors.

Thank you Ann Butler and Wendy Russell for leading our accreditation seminars. 
Thank you JoAnne Cockerton and Cathie Schnarr of Brother, Brigette Thomson (Powertex), Carmi Cimicata (ETI and Rubber Stamping Masterpieces),Brenda Greenwood-Vernem (Westcott), Debbie Cotton (DecoArt) and Leanne Schmidt (Odd Wear).
Many thanks to Westcott, Coats & Clark, Environmental Technology Inc, DecoArt, Powertex, Ecstasy Crafts and Brother.
The event was planned by Audrey DeJong of  Coast To Coast Events.


  1. A wonderful account of a fabulous weekend! So glad to have shared it with you!

  2. great write up on the weekend, thanks for the share ...

  3. Thank you Elizabeth and Ava. I loved meeting the both of you.

  4. Thank you for stopping by, Brigitte!


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