September 06, 2012

Organize Your Craft Room - Day 4 - CHALLENGE!

I stumbled upon this great challenge and I have already signed up.  It's FREE and I think it's worth trying.  Check out this link:

It is a Webinar series designed by Tiffany Spaulding. Many of you probably already belong to her site, but for the uninitiated, I'm hoping to provide some valuable information.

Here is an excerpt from their registration page:

Join us for an 8 Week Get Organized Challenge!  We'll go step by step through your Scrapbook/Papercraft Supplies getting them organized and accessible!
Each week we'll discuss a different component of getting, and more importantly STAYING, organized. At the end of each session, you'll be issued a "Challenge" to complete over the course of the following week.  This "Challenge" is like a homework assignment where we put the ideas from the webinar into practice.
The online Webinar series begins on Tuesday, September 11th, 10AM Pacific Time (11am Mountain, 12pm Central, 1pm Eastern).  The series will continue every week for 8 weeks.
If you're unavailable to attend at that time, you can watch the recorded version of each session at your leisure. After registering, you'll be sent to the Upates and Information Page for the series.  That is where you'll find the recorded versions of each session as well as the workbook and other info.

So what do you think? Are you up to the challenge? LET'S DO IT TOGETHER!

Check out their Facebook page too. 
It's an excellent resource for organizing help, tips and support.  

TOMORROW - Organize Your Craft Room Week Day 5

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