September 04, 2012

Organize Your Craft Room Week - Day 3 - CRICUT

I needed to organize my desk so I could find my mouse. Do as I say, not as I do?

Anyway -- Day 3 of my series, " Organize Your Craft Room Week" brings us to:


I found these great plastic containers for $1 - it's called the SCRAPONIZER!

I was getting sick and tired storing all the boxes and getting the carts out of the box, and the overlays...

I decided to 'retire' the boxes to another room and keep the carts, manuals, and overlays together.  They are in a see-through container and it allows me to store the items horizontally or vertically.  It also makes it easy for me when I want to take some carts to a crop.

The container itself is very durable and the lid is attached to the bottom.  It snaps shut and keeps your items secure.

No more 'knocking over boxes' for me!


Tomorrow is day 4 of Organize Your Craft Room Week and I will have something you can do from your own home and it's FREE.......... 


  1. Great idea. I currently keep them in my Jukebox but I have outgrown it as I have too many cartridges. I will look for these. I love the boxes, as I cover them and reuse them for storeage, or for little treat boxes at the holiday. They are sturdy.

  2. I never bought a jukebox - go figure! Yes, the present system works well for me:)


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