November 23, 2012

Amazing Portable Scanner for your photos

My Scrapbooking students know how invaluable a Flip-Pal mobile scanner can be. 

You can scan photos while they are still in an album, in a frame, on the wall, etc. It allows you to scan a large item and use its ‘sewing technology’ to ‘sew’ all the images together for you.

I am an affiliate of Flip=Pal. There is an icon at the top right of my blog.

BLACK FRIDAY pricing is amazing. FREE shipping to the US AND to CANADA, plus you can get the scanner and protective carrying case for only $159The price has never been this good.

Check it out if you’ve been thinking about buying one!

Here’s my link: Check out the FlipPal

Mobile – Scan Images Anytime, Anywhere
·              Compact, lightweight, durable
·              Cordless, not attached to a computer
·              Battery powered
·              Stores scans on a memory card (like the one in your digital camera)

HURRY - sale ends Sunday! 

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